Let me tell you a secret – it’s not just you with erectile dysfunction (ED) – many men visit our mens health clinic Toronto with questions about “normal” sexual performance. ED can strike any man at any age. The causes can be physical problems with your nervous system, vascular system, or hormones. Or even mental – like stress and depression. Regardless of the cause of your ED, we encourage you to visit our men’s health clinic Toronto for a Free Assessment. We’ll perform a thorough review of your medical history and provide treatment recommendations to help get you back in the saddle…or between the sheets (whatever your choice, we’re not judging). Contact Elev8te Men’s Health today to start your treatment.

How Do You Know if You Have Erectile Dysfunction?

How do you know you have ED? At our men’s health clinic Toronto, we like to say “if you think you have ED, you have it.” You know your body best, and you know how you usually respond to sexual arousal. And if there’s a problem “down there,” you’re going to want to treat it. Men who have ED generally experience trouble getting or keeping an erection or a reduced sex drive. Quantifying the problem is hard. When you hurt your elbow, you can feel it as the pain decreases with treatment. But how can you quantify that you’re performing 50% better sexually? Mostly because you can feel it. 

Improvements in your ED in Just a Few Treatments at our Men’s Health Clinic Toronto

Many of our patients report improvements in the ED after a few short treatments. Our testimonials include phrases like “this delivers results beyond my hopes,” and “nothing worked until I came here today. Thank you for giving me my sex life back.” Elev8te Wave Therapy treatment at our men’s health clinic Toronto is safe, effective, backed by research and our Elev8te Wave Therapy device is approved by the FDA. Want to know more? Get answers to common questions about Elev8te Wave Therapy in our FAQ, or call our men’s health clinic Toronto at 289-203-3558 to find out more.

How Does Elev8te Wave Therapy Work to Treat ED?

Revolutionary Elev8te Wave Therapy at our men’s health clinic Toronto delivers harmless low intensity sound waves to open up blood vessels in your penis. In addition to opening up your existing blood vessels, the treatment can even promote the formation of new blood vessels! Why is this important? Because the rush of blood to your penis is what causes an erection. By opening up these blood vessels, Elev8te Wave Therapy removes one of the key causes of ED, giving you a shot at longer lasting, harder erections. Sounds good doesn’t it? Get started with Elev8te Wave Therapy today by making an appointment at our men’s health clinic Toronto.

Elev8te Wave Therapy is Effective for Peyronie’s Disease (PD) Too!

Peyronie’s disease is a curvature of the penis. It causes a curvature of the penis, that many feel is deformed or ugly. PD can be caused by scar tissue from an injury. And just like any injury, you need treatment to get better. If you sprained your ankle and didn’t go to physiotherapy, you might end up with chronic ankle problems. Same as PD. Treatment using Elev8te Wave Therapy at  our men’s health clinic can help break down that scar tissue, restoring your natural performance.

Here’s a fact you might not know. Surgical treatments for PD can shorten the length of your penis, cause nerve damage and even cause impotence. While surgery is the current treatment for PD, why risk it without first trying Elev8te Wave Therapy for your PD? Our treatment is surgery-free, drug free, pain-free and proven safe and effective. Before surgery, consult the clinicians at our men’s health clinic, Toronto to see if Elev8te Wave Therapy is a good option for you.

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