Men’s Health Clinic in Toronto Offering Innovative Elev8te Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

Men living in the Greater Toronto Area who are experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) may be seeking advice at a mens health clinic in Toronto. Elev8te Men’s Health’s erectile dysfunction clinic offers an innovative and proven treatment for ED and Peyronie’s Disease.

Erections and Sexual Performance

An erection begins in your brain. When you experience sexual arousal, your nerves send messages to your body to open up the arteries in your penis to allow blood to quickly flow in. At the same time, messages are sent to your veins to close up. This traps the blood in the penis, causing it to harden and become erect.

ED symptoms can arise from a number of issues. One of them is problems with this blood flow. When arteries are weakened or blocked by plaque, the blood flow cannot increase fast enough to achieve an erection.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction include inability to get or keep an erection, or reduced sexual desire. At Elev8te Men’s Health, our men’s health clinic in Toronto, we see many men with a desire to improve their sexual performance.

We offer Elev8te Wave Therapy for erectile dysfunction at our men’s health clinic in Toronto. Elev8te Men’s Health is the exclusive provider of Elev8te Wave Therapy in Ontario.

How does Elev8te Wave Therapy Work to Improve Erectile Function?

During Elev8te Men’s Health’s innovative Elev8te Wave Therapy, low intensity sound waves are applied to the penis shaft and base. The patient is fully-clothed during treatment, and the therapy is pain-free.

Soundwave therapy works in a few ways:

  • Enhances blood flow to the penis – Elev8te Wave Therapy sound waves stimulate the formation of new blood vessels, and opening up of existing blood vessels, allowing blood to flow faster into the penis.
  • Breaks down plaques – Peyronie’s Disease is when plaques (scar tissue) forms under the skin of the penis, creating curvature of the penis, and sometimes causing painful erections. Elev8te Wave Therapy can be used to break up the plaques and scar tissue, restoring penile function.

The result? Many patients at our men’s health clinic in Toronto report firmer, longer lasting erections, and increased sensitivity in the penis for pleasurable orgasm. Effects have been reported to last a year or longer. Research has shown no real time limitations on the treatment benefits of Elev8te Wave Therapy.

The Benefits of Elev8te Wave Therapy at our Mens Health Clinic in Toronto

The benefits of our patented Elev8te Wave Therapy are many:

  • Our treatment is designed to improve sexual performance and enhance erections.
  • Elev8te Wave Therapy is a research-backed and proven technique.
  • No drugs, surgery, or needles are used during treatment.
  • Elev8te Wave Therapy is effective at any age, with long-lasting results.
  • We can get started quickly after a clinician evaluation.
  • Treatment is affordable when compared to pills and other alternatives, and could even be covered by your insurance plan.

If you’re interested in exploring Elev8te Wave Therapy at our men’s health clinic in Toronto, contact Elev8te Men’s Health today for a no-obligation consultation today.

Enhanced Sexual Performance in Just a Few Pain-Free, Drug-Free Treatments

Individual treatment at our men’s health clinic in Toronto varies, but most see results with just 6 – 10 treatments, with each session lasting about 20 minutes.

Treatments are convenient and quick. Since you remain fully clothed, you simply walk into the treatment room and begin your treatment quickly. The procedure is completely drug free, meaning you can resume normal daily activities – including driving – immediately after the treatment with no downtime.

At Elev8te Men’s Health, we don’t just treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease, we offer preventative treatments for ED and improved sexual performance.

Want to be ED Free? Want to Learn More About Treatments to Enhance Sexual Performance and Restore Sexual Function?

If you’re interested in learning more about erectile dysfunction treatment and prevention, contact Elev8te Men’s Health, our men’s health clinic in Toronto. You can book an appointment online, or by calling our clinic.

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