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At Elev8te Men’s Health men’s clinic in Toronto, we specialize in treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s and preventative care. Problems with sexual performance can develop when blood flow is restricted to the penis. This can happen due to injury, age, or medical conditions. 

Most men will experience some level of ED during their lifetime. But our patented Elev8te Wave Therapy is designed to stimulate blood flow to the penis and encourage the growth of new blood
resulting in firmer, longer-lasting erections – even for men who do not currently experience ED! Interested in learning more? Contact Elev8te Men’s Health today!

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Elev8te Wave Therapy at our Men’s ED Clinic in Toronto

Our patented Elev8te Wave Therapy device delivers gentle, low-intensity sound waves to the penis. Sound waves have been used to treat sports injuries in physiotherapy clinics and hospital settings for years. The devices use high-frequency, low intensity sound waves to break up blockages and improve blood flow. The sound waves trigger the body’s natural healing process. Elev8te Wave Therapy treatment is 100% drug-free, surgery-free, and needle free. No devices, no gimmicks. Get started today by reaching out for more information, or a no-obligation consultation.

Are Low Intensity Sound Waves Safe?

Yes. Ultrasound waves have been used safely for years for medical imaging and cardiovascular rehabilitation, and are becoming increasingly common for other specialties
such as urology as continued research mounts as to its safety and efficacy as a treatment. If you’d like to learn more, you can read articles on Acoustic Wave Therapy in Academic Urology or Men’s Health Magazine.

What Happens During Elev8te Wave Therapy ED Treatment?

Elev8te Wave Therapy treatment couldn’t be simpler. You don’t have to do anything special to prepare. Simply arrive at our clinic for your scheduled appointment. You’ll be taken to a treatment room where you’ll lie, fully clothed on a table. The technician will move a rod over your penis and base. The rod is specially designed and calibrated to administer Elev8te Wave Therapy.

Elev8te Men’s Health is the exclusive provider of Elev8te Wave Therapy at our Men’s Clinic in Toronto and Ottawa. Precision is key for our treatment. Our devices are perfectly calibrated and focused to 1 millimeter to help ensure effective, long-lasting treatment for ED.

Treatment takes about 20 minutes, and most men report feeling a gentle, tingling sensation before and after treatment.

Once complete, you can simply get on with your day. There’s no recovery time, and no downtime after treatment. Since you don’t need to take any drugs, you can even drive away without needing someone to drive you. Have questions about treatment? Contact our offices at 289-203-3558.

Can Anybody Benefit from Elev8te Wave Therapy at Our Men’s ED Clinic in Toronto?

Almost any many can benefit from Elev8te Wave Therapy. It’s ideal for men who want a drug-free, needle-free, and surgery free treatment for ED, men who are experiencing the effects of Peyronie’s Disease, or men who want to enhance their sexual performance and prevent ED. But Elev8te Wave Therapy treatment is not for everyone. During our initial consultation, you will be assessed for treatment based on your medical history and current health conditions. A history of prostate cancer, deep vein thrombosis, malignancies or other conditions may preclude you from treatment.

Want Spontaneous, Longer-Lasting Erections? Contact Elev8te Men's Health Today!

At our men’s clinic in Toronto, we are committed to providing the safest, non-invasive, cutting edge treatment for ED and enhanced sexual performance. Whether you’re curious about our treatment, have questions about how it works, or wonder if you are a candidate, our staff provides exceptional, understanding and discrete care. We are currently accepting new patients! Start your new life today by making an appointment with Elev8te Men’s Health!

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