If you have erectile dysfunction (ED) or Peyronie’s Disease (PD) you might have tried medicine for erectile dysfunction in Canada like PDE5 inhibitor drugs. These pills include Cialis®, Levitra®, Viagra®, and Staxyn®. These pills work for many men who experience ED symptoms and are often prescribed for men with Peyronie’s Disease. But it’s estimated that at least 30% of men who try these drugs can still not achieve an erection and enjoy intercourse. And many men feel the wait time for the pills to kick in (which can take up to 30 minutes) can spoil the mood. So, what would you think about restoring your ability to have spontaneous, positive, sexual encounters? What about if you didn’t need medicine for erectile dysfunction in Canada? Interested in learning more? Reach out to Elev8te Men’s Health to find out more!

If Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction in Canada Doesn’t Work, What Are My Other Options?

There are a lot of treatment options for erectile dysfunction in Canada. But only one is drug-free, needle-free, surgery-free, requires no manual manipulations and involves harmless sound waves. And that is low-intensity sound waves, or Low-intensity Extracorporeal Pulse Acoustic Wave Therapy (LI-ESWT). That’s our Elev8te Wave Therapy treatment at Elev8te Men’s Health.

Whether or not the available medicine for erectile dysfunction in Canada has worked for you, you may be interested in the drug-free alternative – sound wave therapy treatment at Elev8te Men’s Health. It’s a research-backed, effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. To find out more about how it works, read our blog Men’s Health Clinic in Toronto Offering Innovative Elev8te Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction.

How does Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction in Canada Work?

One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is problems with blood flow to the penis. When you experience sexual arousal, your brain uses the nerves to send messages to the arteries in your penis. These messages allow blood to quickly flow in, hardening the penis and making it come erect. Problems with erectile dysfunction can be caused by disruption of these messages or because of blockages in your arteries that restrict the blood flow.

ED symptoms can arise from a number of issues. One of them is problems with this is arteries in your penis that are weakened or blocked by plaque. Because of this, the blood flow cannot increase fast enough to achieve an erection.

PDE5 inhibitor drugs help the blood vessels relax and increase blood flow to the penis. But the goal of soundwave therapy is to actually break down the plaque and restore natural blood flow to the penis. Natural blood flow = natural, spontaneous sex. It’s that easy. Want to know more? Contact Elev8te Men’s Health today.

Problems with Medication for Erectile Dysfunction in Canada

PDE5 inhibitor drugs do not work in all cases of ED or PD. And they can’t be used if you have heart disease and are taking nitrate-containing medication such as nitroglycerine. If you have heart disease, low blood pressure or are taking drugs for high blood pressure, you should talk to your doctor before taking these drugs, as there may be harmful side-effects.

Injecting your Penis with a Medication for Erectile Dysfunction in Canada? NO WAY!

Another medication for erectile dysfunction in Canada is penile injections and injectable suppositories. This treatment involves injecting drugs into the side of your penis, or a suppository directly into your penis before having sex. Many men reject this treatment because they don’t like the thought of injecting a needle into their penis. I mean, really, who would?

Elev8te Wave Therapy does not involve injections. During treatment, a rod is moved over your penis shaft and base, releasing gentle low-intensity sound waves. These waves promote “neovascularization” or the formation of new blood vessels, as well as breaking down the plaque and opening existing blood vessels.

The result is longer-lasting, firmer erections, as well as increased sensitivity for a more pleasurable orgasm.

Sound Too Good to Be True? Visit Elev8te Men’s Health For An Assessment for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Elev8te Wave Therapy is not a dream. It’s here, and it’s available to you now. Ideal candidates for Elev8te Wave Therapy are men who are experiencing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, men with Peyronie’s Disease, or men who do not have ED or PD, but are looking to enhance their sexual pleasure and performance. Is this you? If it is, contact Elev8te Men’s Health today to learn more.

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